After moving from Los Angeles to Nashville, Bill worked for Film House writing and producing radio / televison spots and once again leading creative.  And after a season producing the pre-game show and working as a game broadcast associate producer for the NHL's Nashville Predators franchise he landed as the Creative Director for cj Advertising. A few years after running his own production company, "Thinking Bee," with partner Jo Hunt, he returned to cj Advertising sliding into the interactive arena. Bill now devotes 100% of his time working with artists / labels promoting great music 


"I believe we continually have to prove ourselves and re-invent ourselves to stay relevant. My personal goal on any project, is to create an environment condusive to creativity and laughter as I believe that energy transfers to the end product whether it be a TV show or the dinner table." - Bill Filipiak

Bill also recently released his first solo album "Put The Top Down" which is gaining air play on Americana and Blues radio across the US & UK. Learn more at &

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I believe we continually have to prove ourselves and re-invent ourselves to stay relevant. 

– Bill Filipiak 

Bill Filipiak is an award winning writer, producer, director.  His primary focus is the creation of music videos (concept & performance), music documentaries, music promotional and marketing pieces, Web series and television series.  Known for his strong sense of story and a deep appreciation for music, his work has been featured on Showtime, The Movie Channel, CMT Canada, CMT Pure,, GAC,, USA Networks, Fox Kids,,, and


Bill's career started in radio, eventually landing him in the position of Creative Director for Premiere Radio Networks in Los Angeles where, along with his CD duties, he wrote and produced parody songs for the company's comedy networks. 


His love of sound and music led him to his first job in television working as a 2nd engineer on shows like Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda. He'd later land in the music editor's chair for a slew of Saban Entertainment & Fox Kid's programming including V.R. Troopers, Kids From Room 402, Princess Sissi and Eagle Riders. 





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